Privacy Policy

The Sally Prout School of Dancing takes the security and use of the personal information you give us very seriously.

Please see below our data privacy principles in simple language:

Information we collect

Dance Studio Pro

We use the software system “Dance Studio Pro” for administrative purposes within the school. Once your child wishes to either trial a class or register fully, the following personal information will be added to this system:

Your name, your address, your email address and phone number as well as your child’s name, their date of birth, gender and the date they started classes. You may also tell us if they have any medical conditions that we should be made aware of (for example allergies, disabilities or any medication they might need to take whilst dancing). Invoices we issue (including when and how they were paid) and any items you order from us (for example uniform or show tickets). This information is secured safely and only key members of staff have access to it. We use the information to provide our services to you, keep you informed, and help us tailor our services better to the needs of our customers. Certain relevant details will be shared with our dance teachers if it is necessary for them to assist their teaching role. Dance Studio Pro has their own data protection policy that can be viewed at:


We do require a signed registration form to be completed and returned to the school if your child wishes to enrol, to show that you agree with the school’s Terms and Conditions. This form will include the following personal information: Your child’s full name and date of birth, Mother’s full name, father’s full name, home address, telephone contacts, email address and any medical conditions and treatments that we need to be made aware of. These are securely stored away within the school office. Certain relevant information from these forms will be passed only to teachers if necessary.

Emailing us or enquiring about a class

If you email us, contact us via Facebook, or use the contact page on the school website, you will share with us certain information. This will include your email address and could also include your name, your child’s name, their date of birth and any other details you tell us within the message. Only key members of our staff will read these messages and we will only use the details you provide to enable us to fulfil your request (for example, giving you details about a suitable class).

Information others collect


We use Stripe to take credit and debit card payments. If you pay us by card, Stripe will collect certain personal details about you. This can include your name, address, payment details and what you are buying. Stripe will share some of these details with other financial, government and law-enforcement organisations, for example your bank, to enable the transaction to go through. You can find out more here: You can prevent Stripe collecting details about you by not paying with your card. We do not disclose any of your details to Stripe unless you initiate a card payment.


The RAD and ISTD are our examining bodies. If you enter your child for exams, we will disclose certain details about your child. These include their name, date of birth and id numbers. If your child needs additional support during their exam (for example because they have a disability), the additional support they need will also be disclosed. You can prevent the RAD and ISTD collecting information about your child by not entering them for exams. This will not affect your child’s ability to progress through our classes in any way. We do not disclose any of your child’s details to either the RAD or ISTD unless you enter them for an exam.

Disclosing your details to others

Your personal details are your property. Apart from the instances listed above, we do not disclose your details to anyone. Should we be required by law to disclose any information we hold, we would inform you in advance of the details.

Retention of personal data

Any personal data will be retained until such as time as the school is informed in writing that your child no longer wishes to attend lessons at the school. At this time, any personal date that we have will be removed safely from our systems within one year. We will only withhold personal data further if there are any payments outstanding to the school. In these instances we will maintain any personal data necessary until the outstanding payments have been settled.

Questions, requests and updates

If you have any questions about how your data is used, need to update it, delete it, or would like a copy of the data we hold on you, please contact the school at

The Sally Prout School of Dancing may update this policy at any time, when necessary. We would encourage you to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed about how we are helping to protect the personal information we collect.