Terms & Conditions


Bills are emailed to parents before the beginning of each term. Payment must be received on or before the first day of the new term. Bills are emailed via our software system, Dance Studio Pro. Please ensure to check your “junk” boxes if you don’t appear to receive an invoice and change your email settings to accept Dance Studio Pro as a safe user if this is the case.

There will be a 10% surcharge added to any fees not received by the end of the first week of term. 

Payment for the first genre attended will be at the full price. Any subsequent classes will have a deduction of £4.00 per termly fee. Deductions will be calculated on the bill that you receive. Deduction rates are applicable per child attending the school. Please note, deductions are not applicable for private lessons.

Payments can be made in the following three ways:

  • Through our software system, Dance Studio Pro. Using debit or credit cards.
  • Through internet banking to the school account. (Please contact the school for details)
  • Cash. If you pay with cash please remember to forward monies in a sealed envelope with your child’s name printed clearly on the front.

We no longer accept cheque payments.

Refunds for absences during the term are only given due to exceptional circumstances at the principal’s discretion. This will normally be in the form of a credit off the following term’s bill.

If the school has to cancel classes for any reason, such as through teacher illness, we will endeavour to re schedule these at a later date. If this is not possible, a credit will be issued on the next invoice that you receive. If classes have to be cancelled due to reasons outside of our control, such as severe weather conditions, pandemics or the like,  we will run classes via zoom. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.

Please note – A full half term’s notice must be given in writing and received before the start of term or before the beginning of the second half of term if a child wishes to cease taking classes at the school. Alternatively, full fees must be paid in lieu of such notice. Verbal notice is not acceptable. New pupils starting at the school are required to pay a deposit of half a term’s fees per genre attending which will be refundable if the proper notice is given. Any subsequent classes started will also require a deposit to be paid. The deposit fee is not applicable for pupils in the age 2-3 ballet classes. However, the deposit fee will be applied once a child transfers to the age 3-4 level class.


We use the software system, Dance Studio Pro, for issuing invoices and also for sending emails regarding any changes to the timetable, cancellation of classes or other important school information. Please change your email settings to accept Dance Studio Pro if necessary, to ensure that you receive any such information and are kept informed. It is also vital that you advise us of any changes to the records that we have of you and your child on our system. This includes change of address, contact telephone numbers, email addresses and medical information, if applicable. Once enroled at the school, please go to your parent portal and check that the details we have are correct and make any necessary changes. Please remember to click the “save” button!  


Dance uniform and footwear can be ordered direct from the school from our online shop. This can be found in your parent portal once your child is registered at the school. Orders are processed twice a term. The dates can be found on the diary page of the school website. New pupils must have uniform by no later than the start of their second term. It is compulsory that all pupils have full correct uniform for their exams. Hair must be tied up for all classes and worn in a bun for ballet from grade 2 upwards.

Please note that information about dance uniform can be found in the dance uniform section of this website.


  • We are unable to allow pupils to make up classes if they cannot attend their usual lessons for any reason. If a pupil is taking an examination and is unable to attend any of their additional exam coaching lessons, we will endeavour to accommodate them at another class if possible.
  • We do not allow parents to watch classes on a weekly basis as through experience we have found that children respond better when on their own. However, with new pupils who are very young and feel a little insecure, we will allow a parent to watch during the first couple of lessons if we feel it necessary. We do welcome a parent to join in with the classes with their child in the 2-3 age lessons. Please note, for insurance purposes a parent/guardian of the Baby Ballet age group must remain on the premises during the class.
  • Parents are invited to observe the progress that their child has made in lessons during the last week of term. End of term watching during show term is only available for the pre-school classes.
  • We allow parents to take photos and videos at the watching sessions at the end of term. If you do not wish your child to be photographed please inform us prior to these lessons. No photographs or film taken at the dance school should be displayed on any social media sites.
  • As our classes run back to back, we politely request that parents contact us out of our teaching times with any queries as we do not want to lose valuable teaching time answering questions.
  • Due to the nature of dance teaching it may be necessary to help correct a child’s placement during exercises executed in class using appropriate physical handling.
  • We cannot be held responsible for pupils or personal belongings outside of the class.
  • Unacceptable behaviour or failing to comply with the school’s Terms and Conditions may result in a pupil’s exclusion from the school.


Occasionally we may take photographs or film pupils to include on the school website and social media to advertise the school, or for training purposes. If you do not wish your child to be photographed or filmed you must inform the school in writing when you register your child. If photographs are used, no child will be personally identified unless permission has been granted by the parent/guardian.


The school has a privacy policy in place that can be viewed on this site. Please note, when signing and agreeing to the school’s Terms and Conditions, you also agree to the privacy statement and the school holding necessary personal information on record whilst your child is enroled at the school.


All pupils wishing to attend the school must fill in a registration form and return it to the school. Also please note that the teacher concerned must be notified of any health problem or medication involving a pupil at the start of the class.     


The school’s Terms and Conditions updated 22nd August 2018